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A dangerous and radical sport? After 11 years dedicated to teaching it without accidents, we can say it’s not normally dangerous. Nonetheless Eolis does not recommend to
start kitesurfing without a proper instruction/course. As any other sport you will need to learn several techniques and follow the rules and advices you will be given in the course. The young people, boys and girls, men and women that
learn with Eolis School can testify about it. It’s for all from 8 to 80 as long as you are in a good health. It’s a dynamic sport where techniques and equipments have evolved hugely these past years, always in the sense of offering more security and performance for those that do it.

Eolis School is proud to be on track with the evolution of the sport and for constantly analyzing the students’ needs. We fulfill all the specific objectives developed internationally, always in respect to the personal learning rhythm. We are lucky to have an international audience and for that we teach in four different languages (portuguese, spanish, french and english) using pedagogical methods
regarding the cultural context and the age and gender differences because Kitesurf as a lot of women involved in it along with men.

We have instructors certified by IKO and by Instituto do Desporto de Portugal and all the mandatory insurance policies for Turismo de Portugal (RNAAT 220/2010).

The fantastic Cabanas de Tavira beach and the other spots we use offer us excellent wind conditions, temperature and a safe learning enviroment to enter this sport with more and more enthusiasts.
Schedule your course and start an healthy sport both to our body and mind.

 - Kitesurf Courses -

 The Kitesurf or Kiteboard course allows you to make contact with a fabulous water sport whether it is summer or winter and is aimed at young people and adults, both men and women. The course program and its specific objectives were established to allow a fast evolution, the development
of knowledge regarding techniques and strict safety issues allowing each student to achieve success and at the same time create an ethical awareness of everybody. The IKO instructors respect the learning rhythms, promoting the
skills step-by-step. At the end of your experience with us your level will be certified with an IKO KITEBOARDER card. The course can be purchased by objectives ( from zero until you ride at least 10m to 20m on the board) or by sessions (each session has around 4h depending on the meteorology).

The pre-requisites are: know how to swim; be in good health; follow all the indications from the instructors and filling up the student’s  form correctly.

All the equipment needed in the course are included: kites, boards, wetsuits, helmets, harnesses and vests. In case the meteorological conditions are not good for class we will re-schedule. If in the meantime the holidays have finished you
will have one-year-time to do the classes already paid for.

LEVEL 1 | Discovery (A-E)

In the first level, theoretical and practical, the student learns the basic skills of kite flying and safety procedures.

Know safe wind directions and conditions for kiting.
Know hazards on a spot.
Set up a trainer kite.
Know the use of safety systems.

Have basic flying skills with trainer kite.
Launch and land the trainer kite with an assistant.
Twist and untwist the lines while flying the kite.
Walk and change directions while flying the kite.
Know the wind window.

Knowing and using the de-power system.
Check the equipment while flying.
Understanding and using the international signal communication system.

Control the kite hooked to the harness.
Understand the de-power system and can use the safety systems.
Advanced flying skills with the de-power kite.
Show full control of de-power systems in flight.

Pull quick release and activate leash.
Recover the bar and kite.

LEVEL 2 | Intermediate (F-I)

In the second level, theoretical and practical, the student learns to fly the kite in the water, body-dragging and riding the first meters  on the board.

Enter and exit the water independently and safely while controlling the kite.
Water re-launch the kite.
First body drag downwind.
Maintain correct kite position in the wind window.
Change direction to the left and right while body dragging.
Recover the kite and bar in the water.

Upwind body drag to recover board.
Upwind body drag holding the board with one hand.
Enter and exit at the same point while upwind body dragging.

Know the power stroke for a water start.
Know the safety rules and theory for water start.
Put the board on the feet and maintain the correct position for water start.

Water start in both directions and ride a short distance.
Come to a controlled stop.
Understand weather forecast, tidal- and wind effects.
Determine the wind strength, direction and quality.
Know the right of way rules.
Know equipment set up and choice according to the weather conditions.

LEVEL 3 | Autonomy (J - N)

In this third level, theoretical and practical, the student will ride alone, will start to keep the edge and do a first jump.

Control the riding speed by edging.
Consistent riding in both directions.

Consistent riding in all directions including upwind.
Ride amongst other riders and water users while respecting right of way rules.

Change of direction without stopping.


Risk assessment and awareness of the riding area.
Self launch.

Make a toe side turn.
Know the theory and the safety rules for jumping.
Land a basic jump.

Price per session / afternoon: 100€  (one instructor for a maximum of 2 students in levels 1 and 2)  Usually, riding the first meters  on the board takes 3 to 5 sessions, depending on individual skills.

Classes per objectives: 420€  From level 1A (beginning) until you ride at least 10m to 20m on the board (it does not matter how long it takes to get there).

If the meteorological conditions do not allow the classes to happen, Eolis will let you come back again in one-year-time to finish them.

We do not do refunds | Prices listed per person

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